Shipping Policy Update 2021-10-18

  1. Due to the Extremely heavy work load, now I can  only ship 1-2 times per month.  sorry!

  2. The shipping cost calculated as [postage+ packing material + VAT(if applied)] * 105% PayPal fee. I know it’s not cheap due to the pandemic time, and we insist using strong/heavy mailer. Sorry!

  3. If shipping via China Post EMS, Recipient will pay the tax in his/her country. ​For Countries using China Post EMS, below 2Kg is a "small packet" service which is little slow but cheap, more than 2Kg is the Post Express Packet, they use different calculation systems so there may be a massive raise when weight over 2Kg, it is not an error. and sorry we could not find any better solutions for those countries. (small packet service, most countries limited to 2Kg except Russia 3Kg, Israel 5Kg)

  4. If shipping via Directline Express, in most cases we will cover the VAT (refer to EU countries). For EU countries using Directline Express, there is a massive raise when weight over 5Kg, that's because EU country customs asks us to pay more VAT when they think the packet is too big/heavy. i have heard starting from July 1st EU will force every B2C seller to pay VAT direct to EU tax office (like the UK does now). so far my shipping company has not informed us to do that yet. our shipping policy is set like so for now until further notice.

  5. Check item weight on every item page and calculate your shipping cost before ordering. Reference: CD=0.15Kg; 1LP=0.3~0.35Kg; 1LP Gatefold=0.35~0.55Kg; 2LP=0.55~0.65Kg

  6. Under 3Kg we use 46x46x5cm Carton to ship which is 0.45Kg; 4-9Kg we use 43x35x11cm Carton which is 0.8Kg.

  7. Due to systems restrictions, we can only list up to 9Kg shipping cost, more than 9Kg a maximum/roof cost HK$ 9999 will be charged in case of systems failure. We will ship your packet based on actual cost and refund the rest of money (however I do not recommend to that even if you are super rich)

  8. Most of time I will manually combine orders to ship and refund the extra cost. Anyway, please do not make a lot of separate orders on purpose, the combination work cost too much time and extra cost, therefore, we reserve the rights to ship either combined or separate.

  9. There will be additional charge for re-delivery if the first attempt failed. If delivery failed twice, in most of time the packet will be returned to China or destroyed by local courier. In this case we will not refund shipping cost.

  10. We will be responsible to any damage during the shipping, I am confident about our carton but shit happens…

  11. Address must be in CHINESE if shipping within China mainland, the phone number must be a Chinese phone number too. if you are using a Chinese transit/forwarding company to redirect to another country, we are not responsible for any damage during the shipping process from your forwarding company. sorry!

  12. If ordering without a log-in, there is a chance that your order will fail! this is a systems error and i can not fix it. so I can not help more, sorry!

  13. Due to the massive damage packets occurred in the following countries, we choose not to ship to these locations until better solutions found. (Mexico/Greece/Brazil/India) .